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Gun Metal Grey

Gun Metal Grey

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The Osberg & Martin Skeleton clock takes traditional clock features and infuses it with contemporary style to produce a classically designed skeleton clock, which is versatile enough to blend into many different types of home décor.

The main body of the clock is manufactured out of high grade 6082 Aluminium plate and can be finished in one of four ways depending on individual taste and interior styling.  The clock mechanism is produced using a combination of Brass and Steel components, which are mounted between the upper front and rear clock body panels.

The clock is encased inside a die cast polymer tube, which can be easily removed to wind the clock, alter the time and move the clock around.  

Once wound, the clock will run for 8 days before it must be manually wound again.  The mechanism will chime on each quarter of the hour, with a Westminster chime being played every hour on the hour.  This can be de-activated manually if the chimes are not to your personal taste.  

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Engraved dial, depicting hours and minutes.


The clock is powered by an 8-day, mechanical clock movement and is also equipped with an under slung, 5 rod Westminster chime.

A key is included with the clock to wind the mechanism, strike and chime.


The structural components of the clock are made from Aluminium, which is polished and plated with the finish of your choice.

The mechanism is most made from Brass but does include steel parts.

The tube is die cast polymer, to enable uninhibited viewing of the clock as it works.


Height: 570mm

Diameter of base: 250mm

Weight: 15kg

  • Customisable, with option to engrave.

  • Hand Crafted

  • Made with the best materials.




    Height: 570mm



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